5 Expensive Versions of Things You Already Own

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5 Expensive Versions of Things You Already Own

As a general rule I try to write about technologies that the average person could possibly buy without going broke, but for this list I want to look at some things that are more high end.  I noticed that a lot of these technologies are nice versions of things that we already own. They are easy to live without, but they sure would be nice to have.


Kohler Numi: $6,338.50

Who needs a luxury car when you can have a luxury toilet? The Kohler Numi has just about everything you could ask for in a toilet. Sitting on the toilet during the winter can be an unfortunate experience unless you have a heated toilet seat. How about a retractable bidet? It’s got that, too. You can even choose whether you want to flush with more or less water. If your wife is constantly reminding you to close the seat or you have trouble with a husband who doesn’t close the seat the Numi has you covered, too. The toilet detects motion and opens and closes based on your position relative to the toilet.


Emperor 200: $49,150

The Emperor 200 is advertised as “the most luxurious, stylish and advanced work environment available on earth.”  While there might be a more stylish option for a work environment, you will be hard pressed to find a more luxurious work environment. It has three screens as well as adjustable armrest height, seat height, leg rests and monitor height. The screens are hung above your head so you can be free to lay back and look up. There is a certain amount of customization, too, as you can choose what computer it comes with.


CoeLux: $61,000

One of the worst parts of being in a room that has no windows is the lack of sunlight. The whole room feels more depressing and dark. There was previously no way to get around this, but the CoeLux is here to save the day. It artificially creates the same light that you would get from a window that is facing the sun. People who look at it are amazed as it gives the illusion of actual sun and sky. This could revolutionize the way that large corporate buildings and night shifts feel, but don’t get your hopes up just yet, at its current price there aren’t too many offices that could afford it.


Turbo: $3,000-7,000

Biking is hard work. Going up hill is especially difficult and if you don’t have enough speed going into the hill it can take some serious effort to pick up any speed. The turbo is still a bicycle, but it has a motor that helps you get more power out of the work you put in through pedaling. On the handles, it has a joystick so that you can control the level of support that the bike gives you. Speaking of support, at this price I hope it has a good seat, since the worst part of riding a bike is usually the soreness that a bad seat can cause.


The Tranquility Pod: $30,000

Your money should go where you spend most of your time right? If that’s the case then the Tranquility Pod is the best investment that you could possibly make. This pod (bed) claims to block out 90% of all outside sound, and also serves as a really good sound system. There are LEDs that produce low level light with colors that can be adjusted to your preference. Can’t decide between a waterbed and memory foam? Why not both? To top it off it has a nice Sci-Fi design that lets all of your friends know that you spent a lot of money on this bed.


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