Author - Nate Ayres

The Biggest Change to Computers Since the Transistor

Here at upsourceIT we love technology of all kinds, but our favorite technologies are the really disruptive ones – the ones that promise to change their industry by an order of magnitude, or even more. Many institutions are trying to build the next generation of computer technology, knowing that the payoff for leading this wave of innovation would be unprecedented. Some of the technologies I’ve watched include Spintronics, Optical computing, and quantum computing. But my favorite is what is now called the SyNAPSE project.
I’ve been watching this develop pretty closely for over 5 years and believe that it has the best chance of changing the computer industry, in a monumental way. The concept moves away from traditional computers, which do precise computation on all of the data that is sent in, searching for the one correct answer. Instead, it acts like a brain would.
For example, when we are driving a car, we […]


The only way to win the blame game

I’ve often heard it said that the only way to win the blame game is to not play at all. I really like that sentiment and agree that pointing fingers is never a healthy thing. Unfortunately, though, when someone points the finger at you as the culprit for a problem with your CRM system (or any other part of the business, really), you’ve been drafted into the game and have to decide how you will play. Will you choose the “Feel Better” option? Perhaps the “King Me” alternative seems to have worked in the past, so you’re sticking with that approach.  I will cover these options and others like the “Apologetic Hero” below, but would like to offer a different answer for your consideration next time you get sucked into the evil vortex of blame.
I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you my answer and then let’s go through the alternatives, to see […]


How to fall in love with your CRM

Like many people, you probably think that using your CRM tool is a necessary evil and I must be crazy to suggest that anyone could fall in love with it. So you’re reading this mostly to determine my level of mental sanity, with a little hope sprinkled in…maybe there is a way.
I’ve spent the last 10 years implementing and managing CRM systems, and this has taught me that it is quite simple (I didn’t say easy) for anyone to love their CRM system.
Here’s the key – Get way more value out than the effort you put in. Your system should work just like a pulley system. There’s a lot of heavy lifting to be done and if CRM multiplies your output, then you’ll be sure to love it.
So to unlock more love, all you need to do is reduce your efforts dramatically and get way more out! It is this idealistic goal […]