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Bypass the Need for Coding with the Process Builder

Apex code has made certain functionalities of Salesforce off limits for the non-developer, until now. With Process Builder, more complex automation is supported without writing any code. It can be tough if you don’t have any experience with coding to keep up with demands when it comes to Salesforce.  Alternatively, if you have some experience in coding, but struggle as Google the right way to code something and then spend even longer Googling the proper fixes for bugs.
One of the most commonly requested actions that have only been available with code until now, is cross-object workflow. This is where you want an edit or creation of one type of record (say an opportunity), to trigger an update to another object (like the opportunity’s account). With Process Builder, we can do this without writing a single line of code! Later in this post, we walk through this example and see […]


Visual Flows in Salesforce – Finish Behavior

Why should I use Visual Flows?
Enabling dynamically reassignment of a record to different users, creating activities, contacts, or other records just by a click of a button would normally require the development of code in Salesforce. Visual Flow development lets SFDC Admins who are not proficient in Apex coding, to develop anything from small scripts which update the owner of a case, to complicated dynamic wizards which improve user acceptance and automate data entry with the click of a few buttons. Visual Flow in Salesforce is a powerful tool that help developers and admins concentrate on the development part and not have to worry about having to create hundreds test classes for their creations. Overall flows are easily developed with the graphical interface, but some parts can be a little tricky. Below is a little tutorial how to redirect back to the original record after the flow is finished.
Why should […]