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Exercising creative design thinking in a software company

Every quarter, we bring together our team for a quarterly planning meeting. This helps us to refocus on our company vision for the year, and set achievable targets to meet for the upcoming quarter. This quarter, it was my turn to plan the meeting along with a special team building activity. As the designer of the group, I wanted to challenge the team to exercise their creative design thinking skills. In conversations with engineers and consultants in our team, I often find that they mistakenly believe that they are not creative because they don’t possess artistic abilities or a right-brained personality. However, I find that creativity has a lot more to do with problem solving, teamwork, and open-ended thinking than an individual’s artistic bent. Furthermore, in a fast-paced consultancy environment, it’s important to continually brush up on our creative thinking skills. In order to do so, we as a […]