Merge on Demand

Save Time & Money

Increase Customer Experience

Huge ROI

Key Benefits of Merge On Demand

  • Single button merge for seamless end-user experience
  • No need to leave Oracle CRM On Demand to generate documents
  • Allow your sales team to spend more time selling and less time creating documents
  • Improve corporate branding and provide a more consistent look and feel to your customers
  • Save admin time by updating all templates in a single location
  • No technical maintenance or hardware required
  • Up and running in a week!

Advanced Quoting is a zero-install solution for generating quote data and documents in Oracle CRM On Demand from opportunities. It is lightweight and easy to maintain, but powerful enough to handle pric- ing rules, synching of opportunity and quote records, generation of industry-leading documents in DOCX and PDF format, and ability to email the quote directly from CRM On Demand.
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Generate approval lines and emails automatically for quotes or any other type of record requiring manager approval. This module ties into CRMOD’s workflow functionality, so a huge range of approval conditions can be satisfied and managed by business owners.
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The Document Merge MOD lives right in your CRM interface and allows users to quickly generate merged documents, instead of fighting with the tedious work of trying to get data out of CRM and accurately into templates for internal and customer consumption.
Quickly create and upload Word templates, preserving all custom formatting (tables, headers, footers, images, fonts). The final product can be opened as a Microsoft Word document or directly as a PDF for quick review.
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Drag (import) multiple files at once and all document types are supported. Files are stored in CRM On Demand. If you store files above 20MB or if your total file allotment is larger than 100MB per user, we also offer Amazon S3 storage. Drag and Drop is optimally designed to limit the clicks needed to attach a file.
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With the Email Merge MOD you can then send one or more files out to customers or to internal recipients, using rich HTML templates. Not only do these templates save you time typing but they merge data from the active record on-the-fly, so that you can preview and edit the final message before it’s sent.
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The e2Case MOD is more than a tool to turn an email into a service ticket. It is an advanced engine, built to auto- mate the case management processes driven by inbound emails from customers. It pairs perfectly with the Doc Merge, Email and Drag & Drop MODs, which process outbound replies and documents to customers. Shorten turnaround times, improve quality and reliability of communications, and capture all case information in Oracle CRM On Demand and you will see customer satisfaction improve immediately.
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Deploy Mass Delete and it will clean up duplicate records, remove clutter from the user interface, or prepare for integration to another system (reduce/avoid additional storage costs). Old records that have build up over time can be archived and automatically deleted from your system to save time and money.
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Merge on Demand has met and exceeded our expectation! We’ve now deployed it across multiple countries. If you need a document and email merging solution, look no further.

Salvatore IannuzziProgram Manager - Merck

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