CRM Services

Our CRM Services

We want to be your elastic resource, a team of Oracle and Salesforce experts that are standing by to help you when and how you need it.

New Deployments

There is no question that Salesforce and Oracle are the global leaders in CRM solutions – combining many years of growth and best-practices learned and innovation to the space. That is why we have invested time and resources into both of these CRM platforms. Upsource has rich experience to draw upon since we’ve been deploying clients successfully since 2001. And we are always looking for new ways to maximize your CRM investment, even contributing innovation to the space when it is lacking, by creating powerful products like the MODify Suite.

In technology, most problems have several alternative solutions. But our teams leverage real-world knowledge to customize the application in the cleanest, most maintainable and flexible way available so that when you take over your system everything is in order and sustainable. We can help you navigate the path from requirements through deployment, avoiding costly mistakes made by trial and error.

Advanced Deployments and Automation

There are many places to get additional return on your initial investment in CRM. Maximize your employees’ daily user experience by adding or improving functionality, minimizing the number of places users need to go to do their job, and giving them a faster user interface to accomplish those tasks. Upsource will ensure that your advanced deployment goes smoothly and that the whole system is reviewed and optimized to perform at its best, even when significant custom coding and 3rd party apps are required.

Choose What You Want

Every organization needs to keep their CRM environment up to date, as their business, processes, and users change. But the weekly or monthly throughput vary widely depending on the number of users, hired support staff, and volume of changes. Upsource caters to each client, offering a range of bundled services, extended support hours, and emergency support.

Pay Only For What You Need

Whether it’s an annual bucket of hours to meet a maintenance release schedule, a monthly support agreement, or a one-time project, use Upsource and make every hour count. The expertise and payment options will make sure that the job is done right the first time and according to your timeline.

Get Results

Quick recovery, data cleansing and migration between systems, system administration, assignment manager deployment, advanced configuration, and workflow automation. All communicated and tested by the best in the business, to ensure effective maintenance releases that will send the message to your users that you are committed to maintaining a system they can trust.

Your Custom App – Our Guarantee

We have created many data-driven custom applications, including applications for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies with operations around the world. We guarantee that every custom application need you bring us will get the right solution.

Win Big with Mobile

In order to engage customers, potential customers, and employees, the pressure on companies to meet social and mobile demands is on the rise. People inside and outside your organization alike want the enterprise applications they use to behave like consumer applications.

Users want responsive, mobile-enabled applications that are intuitive and enjoyable to use.

At Upsource, we know that meeting these needs can be a daunting challenge. Our goal is to help every customer win big. One of the biggest areas for opportunity for your organization is through a custom application. When you engage our experts we will start by spending time with you, looking at your unique business and app needs, not just writing code. We want to discover the ways that an app could launch your business forward. If it’s an internal application, what are the actions and data that your employees need and how can we make the technology as transparent as possible?

If customer-facing, how can we engage and delight your customers? We want to remove obstacles as your customers interact with you, so that they are left with only the benefits and value that you bring to their lives.

User Training

Whether you are deploying CRM for the first time and need to train your users or you have been using CRM for years and want to improve user acceptance and advanced functionality, Upsource will deliver professional, interactive training and develop reference guides to meet your needs.

Developer Training

CRM development spans multiple technologies and each area goes deep. So it requires years of experience to be prepared to do development well. Upsource has that experience and for large in-house teams that include developers, we can help you use best practices in the areas of development you need to accomplish your company’s goals for the application.

Administrator Training

From refreshers and 1-on-1 time answering specific questions, to comprehensive training for employees that are new to the world of CRM systems and data administration, Upsource can make you more efficient, effective, and confident in the administration of your application.